Monday, December 11, 2006

I BROKE A PORCH...and my leg paid the consequences. I was running up to my friend Whitney's house and I stepped down on a board (unbenownst to me it was cracked) and BOOM my leg went through the porch, crackng this 1x4 right in half. I was stuck from the knee down and I started freaking out. Whitney thought that I had just fallen. She didn't realize I was in the porch until I really started freaking out. I wasn't drunk, but I wish that I had been! I would have been less traumatic at the time. Now it's hilarious. My brother (her roommate) had to pry up another board with a hammer to free my leg. It's really hurting now. This was Saturday night and the bruise was looking its best today, so I thought I'd share. There are bruises all over my knee, but this is a picture of the best one.


C.A. Dominick said...

Yucky, and you're lucky we found a hammer for that injury.

Covered In Yarn said...