Thursday, April 05, 2007

FORTS FOR ADULTS...Start a revolution!

So, as some of you may know, I "built" (aka put together out of stuff I had lying around) a fort in my bedroom. I don't really have a bed, just a nest really, and this nest seemed bare and uneventful. One fine Saturday night, before Rubnic lived here, when it was just Beardsly and me, I decided to surprise Beardsly with the fort. As soon as Rubnic came over to hang, because (duh!) they were always here anyway, I swept Nico away to the bedroom to make some mischief happen. We started putting this thing together, and meanwhile Rubentheredonethat and Beardsly are chilling in the living room. Beardsly is sweating things a bit, because he thinks I am angry with him. Rubnic came over just as we were about to get it on -- the first time they're on time in, well, ever, go figure. Well, I wasn't mad. I was instead coaxing a surprise for all of us out of my imagination. This particular night happened to be about four days or so before Beardsly left for California. Punk. But I wanted to make the time special, and what time could be more special than time spent in a fort? If you want to see pics of fun times in the fort check pics
or you can check Beardslypics. If you're logged into a myspace account that is... I'm going to put some other pics up here, but blogger wasn't cooperating, so you will just have to wait. Hmph.
So don't say I never showed you anything cool...
On another, less personal, but more professional note...I want to be an adult play therapist. Yes, this is a real job. A technique I want to use is building forts. I want to teach human beings how to be human beings and not robots. Yes, this may be quixotic idealism, but it's my quixotic idealism, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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Drew Beckham said...

I LOVE the fort. It is pretty much the best thing ever.