Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"I'd like to hold those kids down and spray paint on them..." Yeah, not me, but one of Fayetteville's best and brightest in the local law enforcement made this comment today, as he was standing on his anti-graffiti soap box. Man, I'd like to give him a push.

Casually skating, actually being rather lazy gits about it, Rubnic (the solid unit for those that don't know) and I were doing exercising some sweet skills like "jesus skating" and just general whoodooery, when along came two little po-po. Or maybe it's po-pi in the plural form. I'm not sure. Either way, they strolled up, arrogance in each step and came to talk to us about the graffiti "problem" at the skate park. Okay, I don't have pics right now, because I didn't have my camera on me at the time, but they will come soon. 1. Most of the graffiti is pretty tame - - nothing sexual or violent. Yes, some profanity, but what the hell. They're words people, not bullets. 2. It's artwork and it's part of the skating culture. I don't understand jamming out to Wayne Newton or skeet shooting, but I don't tell them they're a blight on society for it. 3. It's contained within the skatepark, and no where else in the park. 4. The people that would be concerned about those evil adolescents and their spray paint will not ever be at the skatepark. Ever.

Did I make these points to the cops at hand? No. I was dressed like the unibomber and didn't think that would work in my favor. Oh, rest assured, folks. Sleep well. They told us that they can remove the graffiti, completely. They have a chemical that they will spray all over the skate park, then "hose down with water" and this should remove it all. Every last scrap of paint. I did make the comment that I thought that didn't sound very safe for the environment or the people using the skatepark after this "hosing down" and Cop #1 assured me it was totally "environmentally safe." Would he put it on his skin though? Hmmm. That won't wash away. Noxious gases and savory chemicals dripping into our ground, our water, etc. Protect and serve. Protect and serve. Think about the actual people who use this park, that aren't offended by the graffiti, that will be exposed to these chemicals. Think about the plant life around the park that will suffer by pulling these chemicals into their roots. Is it really worth it?

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