Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Socks in progress...

These are some socks I've been making with Regia sock yarn and the Knit Picks Two At Once, Magic Loop, Toe-Up Sock Pattern. It was everything I've been looking for in a sock pattern. This is my first magic loop sock pattern and I love it. I also like having them both done at once. My first pair of socks came out at different gauges because I wasn't being careful about it. I also love the lack of laddering on socks. This pattern includes a heel flap...another big plus for me. I did a short row heel on my last pair of socks, but I doubt that they'll hold up like a heel flap. I extended the one on these a bit for extra stability.

Here is Seymour, looking adorable and confused about the sock goodness. He's a yarn lover for sure...his favorite, to EAT is Blue Sky Organic Bulky Cotton. I think he definitely prefers the cumin color over the sky blue. I got the cotton to make these. So far they've been a disaster. I made the first pair with the baby blue color, but they stretched to enormous proportions, so I ripped them out in a fury, and reknit with smaller needles and for the smaller size. Then they were too small. Bleh. So I knit them again with size 8 needles in the smaller size as a compromise. So far so good. My seaming is a bit whack, so I have to go back and fix it before I'm willing to show them.

Here is a sock on the foot of the intended recipient, Drew. This will be his second knitted gift from me. I'm considering making him some kind of old man cardigan for the fall...but I don't want to curse the relationship. Thoughts?
Sorry for the slightly blurry photos.

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