Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Leaving on a jet plane.....

I leave for San Francisco in the morning for a week. I'm very excited. I'm planning on visiting ImagiKnit, ArtFibers, and Greenwich Yarn, and maybe Noe Knit. Even if I only make it to ImagiKnit I will be satisfied because their stocklist has all of the brands I want. I'm buying for one, or maybe two sweaters, sock yarn of course, maybe some of it for more Endpaper Mitts.

The mitts are coming along swimmingly. I'm up to the thumb increases on the palm. I only had to rip back once about a half inch more towards the beginning. I love doing them both at once. Then neither has to be lonely while I suffer from second mitt syndrome.

Hopefully I'll have some fun vacay pics up soon, as well as more progress on the mitts. I got all paranoid about getting through my projects too fast so I brought some extra sock yarn and a couple of possible patterns. I must be getting cocky. I'm sure I'll buy yarn there that I would rather play with first, and I can't keep the Jaywalkers hanging forever.

By the way, that nostepinne makes really nice yarn cakes, but I'm pretty darn slow with it so far. I'm hoping to get faster. The cakes I made for the mitts are keeping me sane because I didn't have to separate everything into four little balls.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time in SF! Definitely, definitely go to ArtFibers. Their custom yarn is amazing!

- MJ

cristina said...

have fun ~ you're going to love it. i live 2 blocks from imagiknit...and i can say from the list of stores you mentioned, it def. your best option. its completely brimming floor to ceiling with the most amazing fibers. have fun!!
(if you need other suggestions of spots to check out, let me know!)

Anonymous said...

that chair is outstanding! i love it. i love your mitts too. they look like they are great fall/winter colors.