Friday, July 13, 2007

Jesus Christ...the propaganda!

Hello folks. I am blogging after some absence from this. My life has been wonderful madness lately. Don't worry, I'm getting to the Jesus... just give me a moment of exposition. I just finished summer school, I got a kick ass Grad Assistantship in the library at UA, and two of my poems are being published this month in the summer edition of Poesia. Now for some Jesus.

If you haven't seen this website on Jesus of the Week, you are missing some excellent entertainment. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure Jesus was a pretty cool dude. I just don't know how he (or anyone for that matter) would feel about being turned into a rubber duckie or some pencil toppers. However, many of us have been taught that Jesus saves, so a Jesus band-aid might be just the thing to cover your scrapes. I particularly enjoyed the image of Jesus checking out a lady in a classic mom bra.

What's next? Jesus tp? Hey I bet a lot of Christians might like to see images of Jesus while on the throne. I don't call myself a Christian, as the astute reader might have already gleaned from my cynical outlook, and I don't judge those that do (or I try not to), but I think that this branding of a central religious figure only serves to mock the message behind the man.

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Brady said...

the cycling team like the JotD