Thursday, August 16, 2007


After an almost eight-month hiatus from the needles...I finally got something started and finished. It's from Rebecca No. 29. I left off the fruity trim suggested and I haven't done the crochet edge or (gasp!) blocking yet, but I hate finishing. I road tested it the other day around friends. I pretty much have to sit up straight all the time or everyone gets to see my nipples.

Being the naughty lady that I am, I also altered the pattern to suit my own needs. I made the pieces that joined behind the neck shorter so I didn't end up with an opening down to my belly button. I made the ties longer so I could wrap them round my waist in an elegant fashion, and I cheated on the kitchener stitch and did a three needle bind off, because I'm a coward.

Next up is the sweater dress I'm 3 inches away from finishing that I meant to finish by last New Year's...

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Anonymous said...

ok, you finished the dress!!!!!!! let's see it. great halter. i want to come over and see it. we on for 1:30 date friday?