Sunday, September 16, 2007


Okay, I apologize for that overly enthusiastic cheesiness of this blog title... but I'm in love, with some socks...

I'm building these with some lovely Koigu. The pattern is a basic toe-up with a little twist from this shell sock pattern. I had to adjust the pattern slightly and include a minor rib to make the pattern conform to the number of stitches I had already cast on. I was going to make this sock all stockinette with a ribbed leg, but that was boring the pants off of me. I think this pattern reminds me a bit of the frilly tuxedo shirts and I'm loving it. I'm going to shoot for knee length if my hands don't wear out first.

Here is a closer shot of the pattern:

This will also be my second project entirely using continental knitting. I'd been curious about it since I heard that it was faster, but it takes some patience to allow yourself the fumbling and relearning muscle memory process involved. I forced myself to do an all purl garter scarf as the first project because that seemed the trickier of the two stitches. So far so good. I can already tell it's much faster with less motion and easier on my hands for marathon knitting sessions.

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