Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Knitting therapy

Knitting therapy, originally uploaded by casystotyle.

This is Bosco. Doggie extraordinaire that belongs to Drew's parents. He is very intelligent and darn cute too.

I am getting my master's in counseling and lately I have been thinking about how I will combine this will my passion for knitting. I feel that it is crucial for a person to have hobbies to stay mentally healthy and well rounded. I've been thinking that group therapy that involves knitting or crochet would be a good way to combine these things. I'm having a hard time finding examples of this, but then again, someone has to get the train rolling.


Brady Beckham said...

I can hear you now... "Welcome to knit your own straight-jacket day."

Cassy said...

Har har har. I could teach you how to knit your own gag.